About Us

Moore N More Popcorn: A Family's Love Affair with Popcorn Since 2013

A popcorn revolution began in 2013 in Saint George, Utah, at Moore N More Popcorn when Scott & Dianna Moore tried recreating Dill Pickle and Cookie & Cream popcorn – flavors so delightful we wanted more. Once we perfected them, we felt compelled to share them with the world. Our family, armed with passion and a dream, embarked on this delicious journey.

Our Roots: From Home Kitchen to Gourmet Haven

Our adventure in flavor began in our home kitchen, with a simple set of equipment and an unquenchable thirst for experimentation. The early days were filled with trials and errors, but our determination never wavered. Our youngest son, Travis, and his then-girlfriend (now his cherished wife), Kylee, were instrumental from the start, braving the unknown with us. We remember the days of handwriting flavor names on bags, a labor of love that marked our humble beginnings.

Gradually, our venture grew. We worked out of our home for many years, attending local fairs and events while adding a pop of joy to weddings, parties, and baby showers along the way. In 2022 we opened our retail location and the space we once thought huge now barely contains the dreams we continue to nurture.

A Family Legacy, A Community's Delight

Our family members continue to be integral parts of our business, contributing their energy and ideas, including our grandchildren, who continue to lend a hand, keeping the family spirit alive in every kernel we pop.

Today, our flavor list boasts close to 200 flavors, (including our original Dill Pickle and Cookies & Cream). Our family's legacy is not just in the popcorn we create, but in the community we've built. Over the years, we've met incredible customers who have become friends, and we eagerly await to welcome you into this growing family.