About Us

We started popping in 2013 because we had tried Dill Pickle popcorn and Cookies and Cream and we loved them and wanted to share these flavors with everyone.

We jumped right in, we bought equipment and started experimenting with different flavors and flavor combinations. We a lot of mistakes but kept going. 

 Our daughter, son and his then girlfriend (now his wife) jumped right in and started helping us, she had no idea what she was getting into. We were handwriting names of the popcorn flavors on bags, which took forever. 

We started slow and worked out of our home for many years.  We attended events, provided popcorn bars at weddings and baby showers. Now we pop out of our store and what we thought was a huge space, has quickly become small. 

Our youngest son and his wife are still involved in the business and you will see him at the store a lot.  (Although, he did leave us for awhile to attend school). Our daughter lends a hand whenever she is in town along with other family members including our grandchildren.

Fast forward and we are still creating popcorn flavors and using our original Dill Pickle recipe that we created years ago.  We tell everyone we have over 100 flavors but we are now closer to 200 flavors. 

Over the years we have met so many amazing customers that we are now happy to call friends and we hope that you will become one too.